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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located at 19 S. Park in San Angelo, Texas. Click here for a map.

Parking is limited to street parking so you may have to walk a bit.  We no longer have a dedicated parking lot for our use.


We are in the building called "The Secret Garden". Look for the garden gates on the south side of the property (closest to The Peasant Village) and the banner that says "Wine & Beer Garden".  


For more information you may call (325) 763-4884

What are your hours?

Each business at The SECRET GARDEN keeps its own hours.  Please reach out to them using the links below to schedule an appointment or have any questions answered.

The GARDEN LOUNGE is open for wine / beer / and BYOB set-ups.  Keep in mind that this is a sanctuary for conversation, healing, friendship, and laughter!  It is not a typical bar.  If we have live music, it is super-chill.  



Tuesday  5 - 10 pm

Wednesday  5 - 10 pm

Thursday  5 - 10 pm

Friday 5 - 10 pm  

Saturday 5 - 10 pm  

Sunday 10 am - 4 pm


The SECRET GARDEN HEALING SANCTUARY houses several businesses, check the links on our website for contact information / hours or call (325) 213-7013 to leave a message for a call back. 

Angelo IV Therapy

PEMF of Texas

Kayla Parsons, LMT

Ancient Paths Wellness

Rejuva Wellness

Do you rent out your space for private parties?

Yes! The venue is available for private parties, depending on our availability.

Please call (325) 763-4884 to discuss your needs or EMAIL us at 

[email protected]


Thank you for your interest!

Do you allow children in the garden area?

We prefer to have adult only patrons visiting in The Garden Lounge.  Please make appropriate arrangements for any children under the age of 16.

Thank you for your consideration. 

Is this facility dog-friendly?

We have two friendly house dogs at The Secret Garden, Lucy and Penny.  Please let us know if you have any concerns. (Both are allergy-free, non-shedding breeds).


Regarding The Garden Lounge in the evenings, we retain the right to refuse service, or entry, if we feel it is not safe to do so (this includes people AND animals!)

How do I go about renting the venue for a special occasion?


Date:  ?
Event:  ?
Venue:  Entire venue, closed to the public? Or . . . ??
FOOD:  Finger foods and heavy appetizers?   PLEASE GIVE ME SOME IDEAS OF EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT . . . we can prepare anything, so give me your wish list.   OR LET ME KNOW FOOD ISN'T NEEDED.
How many people?   _____________
NOTE:  Our space inside is somewhat limited, if we have bad weather we would need to limit the number of people we can accommodate. (30 inside, tops)  
BUDGET:  What is a ball-park for your entire budget? Including venue, catering, and possible tent rental (depending on size of group)?:   
What does BYOB mean?

BYOB means Bring Your Own Bottle (of LIQUOR, not WINE).

This means you will pay a $10 set up fee for soda (or tonic water, etc.), whch includes the glass and ice, to mix with your liquor that you bring in your own bottle. We must charge a set-up fee in order to remain open and profitable (and to encourage people to try our beautiful wine selections.) 

Each additional can of mixer, or bottle of water will be charged at the menu prices.

Thank you for understanding.   If you have any additional questions or concerns, please call (325) 763-4884.



Do you serve food?

Yes!   We serve a limited menu for "finger food" to go with your wine and help you linger a little longer.

Having said that, we are also next door to Peasant Village, where you can order "to go" from their dinner menu.  We do not allow outside food at this time, with the exception of "leftovers" from Peasant Village. 

Find their menu at Peasant Village


Typical Food offered at The Garden Lounge

Pub Mix with every order of beverage

Tiny Tacos

Chicken Bites

Charcuterie Box

Crock Pot special of the week (i.e. pasta, chili, stew)

Check out our Facebook page each Thursday for menu updates for the week!




What is the minimum age to order wine or beer?

You must be 21 to order wine or beer at The Garden Lounge.  


Thank you for understanding.