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About Us

Our Vision

The Secret Garden is a venue that houses several small businesses, all centered around healing and wellness for both mind and body.

If you are looking for a sanctuary with the resources for your wellness, please consider booking an appointment with any of the following:

IV Therapy (at Angelo IV Therapy),  and/or Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Frequency (at PEMF of Texas), and/or massages with Kayla Parsons.  All by appointment, but you can request scheduling to accommodate all three sessions in one day. 

There are also private counseling sessions with Samantha Stokes, M.Ed., LPC.  

Ancient Paths Wellness is another business on premises, housed in the loft above the garden.  Open Thursdays by appointment.  (325) 213-7013 x5

 Rejuva Wellness came on board in May of 2024, offering Bioscanning as a tool for understanding your current health needs.  Also featuring the HOCATT, Infrared Saunas, and the Avecen.  (325) 213-7013 x6

All businesses can be reached by calling (325) 213-7013 and listening for extension.

NOTE:   The Secret Vineyard used to be affiliated with this property, but is no longer housed in the main house.  The Secret Vineyard Spa is now located at the back of the property through the garden gates and is a separately owned and operated business.


Our vision for The Secret Garden is to provide a peaceful place for our patrons to enjoy a safe, healing sanctuary for self-care and restoration.


Our Story

We are Vince Bednar and Lori Jo Thomas, your hosts. Throughout our marriage (it will be 10 years this June) we have renovated a few properties, however, The Secret Garden has absolutely been our favorite (but it was also the most expensive and demanding!) While we are always trying to find new ways to improve the property, we hope you enjoy this old house just the way it is!

When we began our restoration, we wanted to make a beautiful space that would welcome a “community” of friends that were looking for a peaceful place to hang out and connect.

BY DAY we are a place where people come to restore their health through the various healing modalities offered here.

BY NIGHT on we are a place where people come to reconnect with friends through conversation, music, and beverages (wine/beer and non-alcoholic mocktails.)

We are not a bar, although we do sell wine and beer.

We are not a restaurant, although we do sell wholesome foods.  

We are not a concert venue, although we do have solo artists sharing their talents while our patrons kick back and have conversations with one another. (We are not a venue for bands, yet . . . but hope to expand our front area in 2026 with more outdoor seating and a stage area).

We continue to search for the perfect balance of food, beverages, events, hours of operation, prices, etc.  We are constantly striving to find food and beverages that are hard to find elsewhere and that are also nourishing.  We’ll keep trying new things and when we find something that works – we’ll stick with it!

We keep a “Suggestion Box” in the garden so you can give us feedback. We love to hear your ideas regarding things you think might be helpful.  (We’re old-school that way!)  OR you can find us on Facebook @gardenloungetx.  Please visit our FB page and give us some ideas, we’d love to hear from you!

We are hoping you will study our website at www.secretgardentx.com to learn more about the property and all the businesses that reside here.  Be sure to visit the “Events” page to learn more about upcoming wellness events and community gatherings;  and also music at The Garden Lounge in the evenings.

Thank you, again, for visiting.  We look forward to sharing our journey with you.


With light and much love,

Lori Jo Thomas and Vincent Bednar





Other Activities

We are fortunate to host the Weston A. Price local chapter meetings at our property each month. 

The Concho Valley Wellness Association is also represented on property. You can find many resources by visiting our outreach wall located in the main hallway. 

Thank you for visiting our website.